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I'm now working at Google. (Yes, it's true about the free lunches.) I am a former chair of the C++ standardization committee's library working group, and the project editor for the standardization committee's Technical Report on Standard Library Extensions.

My book about the Standard Template Library, Generic Programming and the STL is available from Addison-Wesley.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1994; my advisor was Bob Cahn, and my dissertation was on the phenomenology of the hypothesized Z' particle. I also did some experimental work with the CDF collaboration in grad school, and participated in the discovery of the top quark. Since then I have worked at SGI, where I was the principal implementor of the SGI STL; at AT&T Research; and at Apple. I'm no longer working on gcc, but my professional interests continue to include compilers, language design, library research, and generic programming.

I live in Palo Alto with my wife Janet Lafler and our daughter Alice. Our cats Randy and Oliver, alas, are no longer with us.


Many of my pictures are posted on my Picasa Web Album.

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