Alice's third year

Alice Rebecca Lafler-Austern was born on December 18, 2005. These are photos from Alice's third year, up to December '08. More recent photos are on her main page.

Janet Lafler
Matthew Austern
Alice Lafler-Austern

Thanksgiving in Arnold

Nora reading to Alice Alice on the golf course Tree stump
In the woods Is all this pate for me? Monkeys and imp
Family hike Alice and Grammy Nora feeding Alice

Fall photos

Sleepy girl Romping in the sawdust Pony ride
Farmer girl Pumpkins Duet
Junior pilot Junior acrobat Alice the leopard
Alice the fairy The little girl leopard spider on top of her web Alice at the playground with her friend Ally


At the center of the Alice-web Climbing the snake Push!
Yet another ladder In the orange tree Mommy and Daddy's bed
Hiding in the jungle Swinging with Daddy Eating out
Aunt Linni reading to Alice On the little stump Grammy reading to Alice and Nora


Dressed for a hike Alice and daddy Alice and Sofia
Summer dinner In the jungle Lounging at the zoo
Alice and Andrea Riding on the baby bunny rabbit Alice and daddy on the merry-go-round
Climbing down Under the play structure At the center of the Alice-web
Way high up Climbing

Spring and early summer

Alice at Shoup Park Alice at Shoup Park Down the curly slide
Determination On the big girl swing Alice at Foothills Park
Exploring with Grandpa Strawberry Supervising the landscaping
Alice's contribution to the landscaping Snooze Alice, Nora, and Grammy

February in Palo Alto and Arnold

Junior computer user Silly hat Alice with feather
It *can* go back on the tree At Peets First snow: sliding down the snowbank
Sledding with Grammy and the Mosterns On the trail Imps in the sled
Alice and Grammy On Grammy's shoulders Alice and Nora holding Grammy's hands
The family at Big Trees Park Cavorting in the snow Snow is yummy
Junior pool player Lounging on the snowbank Chasing geese

Now we are 2: Alice's birthday

On Mommy's shoulders That's not my truck Alice looking at Alice
Opening a present Reading a present Playing with a present
Alice and the barn Blowing out candles Birthdays are yummy