Alice's first year

Alice Rebecca Lafler-Austern was born on December 18, 2005. These are photos from Alice's first year. More recent photos are on her main page.

Janet Lafler
Matthew Austern
Alice Lafler-Austern

Happy birthday, Alice!

Alice at the zoo (special guest photographer, John Lafler) Playing with a book What is this thing called party?
The birthday cake Yummy chocolate! Chocolate is good for the face
Unwrapping presents Alice and Nora playing together

Alice's un-birthday

The itsy-bitsy spider Yummy lens cap Curly hair
One year (almost), and standing tall I want to be a mountain climber


The steam train at Tilden Park Spinach at Cafe 150 Alice and Ellen
A fine vintage Alice and Lisa Wheee!
Grandchildren Thanksgiving feast Kilroy was here


Picking up a block And dropping it again I'm a kangaroo!
Mama kangaroo and baby kangaroo Sitting by the window Opening Angela's Halloween present
Playing with Kristen's hair

Alameda and Palo Alto

Suppertime I'm feeling hungry Yummy mangoes
New house, with baby Standing up, briefly The baby and the window
Eating naan for the first time (special guest photographer, Bjarne Stroustrup) Flying with Bjarne


Finger food Curly hair
View from above Alice in her new home

August photos

Sitting Flying Climbing into the toy basket
Who, me? Starting to stand up... I want Aunt Linda's glasses!
Alice with Torey and David Alice with Aunt Linda Do I get time off for good behavior?
Fathers and children After the hike

August photos

Alice in overalls Light and shadow Playing with the musical toy
Big eyes Unknown baby of mystery Now that I'm sitting up, can I be Audrey Hepburn?

July photos

I'm sitting up Want coffee too! Food and literature
There's no stopping me now! Close-up Close-up with toy

Alice is independent! Pictures from July 4

Yummy avocado! Yummy avocado! Yummy avocado!
I can't crawl yet, but I'm thinking about it Look! I have teeth! Rolling along
Alice and the butterfly Yes, I really am this cute Alice and Wilma at Auntie Ruthie's
Standing up Alice and Grandpa The end of a long day

Our trip to Merced, early June

Janet and Alice at the Printers Inc cafe, a few days before the Merced trip Three cousins
Three grandchildren Alice asleep in the car

May photos

I'm sitting upright in my stroller now! Can I get my toes in my mouth? Yes, I can get my toes in my mouth!
Alice at Wiscon 30: Baby's First Con Alice at Wiscon opening ceremonies Wiscon babies

May 12 brunch at the Laflers'

Alice, Janet, and Davida Close up A future bibliomaniac
Alice and Wilma Sleepytime! Am I teething?
Alice and Davida Alice and Auntie Ruthie Photo session

April photos

Alice in bed Alice at stroyraednig, with Andrea Knee ride
At home: close-up Mommy is funny! Yes, it's really spring
Alice at Cafe 150 (special guest photographer, John Lafler)

Photos from here and there, 2/20 – 3/19

Alice in her stroller, Point Pinole Alice and Wendy Alice and Auntie Ruthie
Alice swatting at a toy close-up Baby's first hike! Janet and Alice at Point Reyes
Alice and Torey Alice and friends

Photos from Alameda, 2/12 – 2/18

The SUV stroller (yes, there's a baby in there) Baby rights now! Smile!
Tummy time Closeup

Photos from around and near home, 1/28 – 2/5

Alice and the helix It's a hand! Alice asleep in the car seat
Collier holding Alice, and she isn't crying A mini-shower with some of Janet's friends Alice peeking over Janet's shoulder, at Julie's Tea House

Alice's trip to Cesar on 1/21, and a few photos from the day before

The littlest Googler Joanne feeding Alice Joanne feeding Alice: closeup
Debbie and Alice at Cesar Alice at Cesar Lisa and Alice at Cesar
Alice drinking in a bar The Baby Bjorn

More photos, 1/7 – 1/13

Yes, there's a baby in there Alice asleep Mother and daughter asleep
Alice awake Grandmother and granddaughter

More photos from home 1/3 – 1/4

Janet and Alice Alice asleep Alice awake
Janet, Matt, and Alice Suppertime! Alice in the bouncy seat
Alice in the bouncy seat

Alice's first week after coming home

Alice asleep Alice and Matt
Alice in her basket Alice on Elinor's quilt

Alice's first two days

Alice's first photo: a few minutes old It's official! Alice asleep
Alice and Janet Alice asleep - profile