Alice Rebecca Lafler-Austern

Alice Rebecca Lafler-Austern was born on December 18, 2005. Here are some (now rather old!) pictures from her first four years.

Alice is an active and verbal little girl. She loves books, natural history, climbing, getting wet, and typical toddler foods such as roasted garlic, broccoli, olives, and edamame. Alice goes to Google preschool and comes home with all sorts of lurid gossip about her classmates. Recent accomplishments include getting dressed all by herself, swimming lessons at the JCC, convincing Daddy to take her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and asking unanswerable questions. Favorite word: “Why.” She may be the only toddler in existence who happily eats all her vegetables and leaves the starch on the plate.

Some of Alice's recent linguistic developments and witticisms are chronicled here.

Older photos:


At the farmers market Going up the junior climbing wall Almost made it! Alice put this whole outfit on all by herself
Zippers are still hard, though Tea party at Alice's preschool Working on the quilt Working on the quilt
Lots of Alices Fire chief Alice in the giant tire Alice in the giant tire
Alice playing piano with Ally Playground at dusk


Alice and Janet Investigation Art project at preschool Down the giant slide with Nora
Down the slide with two friends she's never met before Alice in the pumpkin patch Alice and seaweed Scrambling on the rocks
Baby's first molecular model Petting the snake at the Google Halloween party Up the spiderweb Down the spiral pole
Alice was a ghost for Halloween Boooooooooo! Ghostly Alice

Fall photos

On the elephant Alice and Grandma Jo Down the slide Junior athlete
Alice and Sofia at a preschool party Alice and Evan in the flowers At Tyler's train party Looking out of the train
Coloring at Hobee's Coloring at Hobee's

Weekend in Merced

Running down the boardwalk At the Merced National Wildlife Refuge Girls eating ice cream Nora thinks Alice is doing it wrong
Mothers and daughters Rides at Applegate Park Rides at Applegate Park Rides at Applegate Park
Down the big tunnel slide Heading back home

Summer in the Sierra foothills

Splashing with Grammy Spashing with Mommy More splashing Alice reading with Daddy and Nora
Osborne Hill Alice got an owie on the hike Family photo Monkey business
Hell's Kitchen Overlook Hell's Kitchen Overlook Alice and Daddy Alice in Lake Alpine
Climbing Big Trees State Park Alice and Grammy at another part of Big Trees Park Playground at Murphys

Spring: photos from around town

Water play area at the San Jose Museum Giant tire at the San Jose Museum Kitty cat umbrella Junior SMOF
Alice at Ardenwood Farms Alice and Grandma JoLittle rock climber Little rock climber
Little rock climber At Shoreline Lake Up in the tree Up in the tree
Up in the tree Water play area at Mitchell Park Alice in the spiderweb Binoculars
Hiking with Mommy Speak loudly and carry a big stick

Early 2009

Grammy's buttons Peet's Canada geese
Fast asleep Contemplating a leaf More leaves
Climbing on the bear Up in a tree In the bounce house

Now we are three: Alice's birthday at Pump It Up

Alice at her party Jump! Alice and Grammy
Down the big slide Alice and friends The Peter Rabbit cake
Blowing out the candles Eating cake Now that I've finished my cake, can I have some broccoli?

Janet Lafler
Matthew Austern
Alice Lafler-Austern

Older photos: